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Brandy Alexander 白蘭地亞歷山大


Dessert Cocktail 甜品雞尾酒

Ingredients 材料

30-45ml Brandy 白蘭地

15-30ml Cream 淡忌廉

Garnish 裝飾

Crumbled cookies or grates of nutmeg/cinnamon/chocolate

曲奇餅碎 或 肉豆蔻粉/肉桂粉/朱古力粉

Tools 工具

Glassware 酒杯


❶ Chill the glass and prepare garnish.


❷ In a shaker add all ingredients; stir, taste and adjust sweetness (liqueur) & coco flavour (bitters).

搖酒器加入所有材料,試味,較對甜度( 甜酒 )與可可香味( 苦精 )

❸ Fill shaker with ice & shake vigorously for about 12-15 seconds.


❹ Strain with a fine strainer into the chilled glass.


❺ Garnish & serve. Enjoy!

灑上裝飾, 完成!拉下有教學片喔!

Crème de cacao is a rich chocolate liqueur that often comes in either dark or white. In this dessert cocktail it serves as a flavoured alcoholic sweetener. Swap brandy for gin and you have a classic Alexander!

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