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Whiskey Sour 威士忌沙瓦


Ingredients 材料

60 ml Straight rye whiskey 裸麥威士忌

15 ml Fresh lemon juice 檸檬

5-10 ml Rich syrup (2:1) 糖漿

1 Pasteurised egg white 巴氏殺菌*雞蛋白

*10-15 ml Orange or pineapple juice (Jac’s version)

* 蛋白選用包裝上註明經巴士德消毒過的雞蛋,可減低沙門氏菌風險

Garnish 裝飾

Dried fruit slices, edible flowers, bitters, or citrus twist

薄乾果片,食用花, 苦精或果皮

Tools 工具

Glassware 酒杯


❶ Chill the coupe or martini glass and prepare garnish.


❷ In a shaker, except for egg white & ice, add all ingredients, .


❸ Add egg white & shake, without ice, for 25-30 seconds.

This 'Dry Shake' method breaks up, whips up and emulsify the egg white.

加入蛋白,搖約25-30秒 : 這是 'Dry Shake' -- 即加冰前先把材料(蛋白)打散搖勻

❹ Add ice and shake with passion for about 10-12 seconds until chilled.


❺ Double strain into the chilled glass.


❻ Allow a few moments for the layers to settle. Garnish and serve.


Enjoy! Egg white does a few things brilliantly in a "sour" cocktail...

The protein subdues flavours and so it calms lemon's sharp bite. The pleasingly thick layer of froth makes for a willing canvas for garnishes & gives a velvety drink texture.



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