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Sidecar 側車


Ingredients 材料

30-55ml Brandy 白蘭地

15 ml Fresh lemon juice 檸檬

Garnish 裝飾

Orange peel

Tools 工具

Glassware 酒杯


❶ Chill the coupe or martini glass and prepare garnish.


❷ In a shaker add all ingredients. Taste & adjust sweet, sour & brandy.


❸ Fill shaker with ice & shake vigorously for about 12 seconds. (13-15 sec for a lighter flare).

搖酒器滿冰,搖約12秒 (15會較淡)

❹ Strain with a fine strainer into the chilled glass.


❺ Place orange peel on the side of glass as garnish & serve.


❻ Enjoy! 完成!拉下有教學片喔!

Not saying you need to grab a bottle of XO for this cocktail, but Sidecar doesn't work with a subpar brandy. Nor does it work without just the right amount of acid. Too little, the drink becomes bland. Too much, we lose the alluring aroma of the brandy.

This cocktail starts off a bit tart. As it warms, brandy's own complexities and its harmony with citrus becomes more pronounced. Sidecar is wonderful anytime, although I enjoy it best as a refreshing dessert cocktail!



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