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Earl Grey Tea Shot


The distinctive flavour in Earl Grey tea comes from bergamot, a tropical citrus fruit that pairs beautifully with mango juice. Tabasco adds a bit of heat to this fragrant and fruity shooter.


Earl Grey infused vodka, or

Forest Earl Grey Gin

Mango juice



Lemon wedge, charred (optional)


Bar spoon, pourer

Serve in a shot glass

❶ Fill a shot glass up to about 2/3 full with mango juice.

❷ Place your bar spoon upside down inside of your glass—near, but not touching the mango juice—and very slowly pour the Earl Grey vodka or gin over the spoon.

❸ Straight from its bottle, drip the Tabasco into the glass, about 3 drops, and watch them sit right in between the two layers!

❹ Garnish with a lemon wedge and serve.

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