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Bee's Knees 蜂之膝

Ingredients 材料

50-60 ml Gin 氈酒/琴酒

5-10 ml Honey Syrup* 蜂蜜糖漿*

10-15 ml Fresh lemon juice 檸檬

2-3 dash Bitters of choice 苦精(自選)

* To make honey syrup, combine 2 parts honey and 1 part of warm water (approx. 40°C) in a sterilized jar. Cover and shake until combined. Will keep for weeks in the refrigerator.

* 蜂蜜糖漿製作:將2份蜂蜜和1份溫水(約40°C)混合於一個已消毒及可密封的容器中,蓋好並搖晃至完全混合。可長時間於雪櫃貯存。

Garnish 裝飾

Herbs, edible flowers and/or fruit peels, preferably with scents that pair well with the flavours of your gin and bitters.


Tools 工具

Glassware 酒杯

Steps 步驟

❶ Chill the glass and prepare garnish.


❷ In a shaker add all ingredients; stir, taste and adjust sweet/sour & character (bitters).

搖酒器加入所有材料,試味,較對甜酸與香味( 苦精 )

❸ Fill shaker with ice & shake vigorously for about 12 seconds.


❹ Strain with a fine strainer into the chilled glass.


❺ Garnish & serve. Enjoy!


Back in America's Prohibition years, bartenders used fruits, sweeteners & bitters to mask the unpalatable taste of poorly distilled spirits. A staple in speakeasies, Bee's Knees was the embodiment of such practice -- relying on honey & aromatic bitters to distract & disguise the horrid tasting gin.

Those were the days. Today's gins are incredibly well-made, their flavours diverse. There's also a huge range of bitters & honeys to choose from. Your Bee's Knees could taste drastically different than mine, just as your next Bee's Knees could be worlds apart from your previous.



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