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Foundation Course in Mixologists career

A course that really lets you understand the development of the bartender industry and the details of bar operations

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron

​ Tells you the truth of entering the industry

Becoming a professional bartender doesn't require any official certification. What's important are communication skills, industry knowledge, and adaptability. Our course provides hands-on experience to help you understand what it takes to be successful.

Foundation Course in Mixologists career
Three key points

Bartending Fundamentals Practice

Understand the classification of cocktails in Hong Kong bars, learn the basic communication skills and mixology techniques required for bartenders, and lay a solid foundation in class.

Bar Internship Experience

Our experienced bartending instructors will take you to a real bar to learn about on-site operations and experience the use of various equipment, giving you ample preparation before entering the industry.

Understanding the Industry Ecosystem

Learn about the salary levels and benefits of bartenders, the career advancement ladder, and how to choose a bar that suits your future development.

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron 導師kyle
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Your bartender
Two expert bartenders in the industry will share their most valuable experience with you!

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron 導師Ken Lam
Course Content - Beginner Level (Basic Understanding/Introductory Skills Practice)
香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron

Lesson 1

​Understanding and Exploring the Bartending Industry

​(Flair Iron Studio)

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron

Lesson 2

​Bartending Fundamentals Practice

​(Flair Iron Studio)

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron

Lesson 3

​Bar Equipment and Operations


香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron

Lesson 4​

​Bar Internship Experience


香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron 導師kyle

只接受社企中心開班 並提供教育優惠

四堂費用 每位$2000  $3200 4位起

導師:Kyle & Ken


Course content - Advanced level (Understanding of six base spirit/classic cocktail preparation/bartending skills practice)
香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron

Private Booking to choose your own date and time

Six class fees each:$4800 

Tutor: Kyle

Language: Cantonese

Connecting options

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron shaker

Try to get started ​from 

Part Time

If you're interested in exploring a career as a bartender, you may consider starting with part-time positions at restaurants or bars to gain more experience and determine if the industry is right for you in the long run. Additionally, you can apply to be a part-time bartender assistant at Flair Iron, where you can earn $70 per hour and learn about the industry by working in various roles. This will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and broaden your horizons.

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron strainer

​ In-depth practice skill improvement

If you're looking to further enhance your bartending skills, you may consider taking professional one-on-one mixology classes, such as CMB PRO. This course is designed to help you quickly improve your knowledge of spirits, mixology techniques, and the latest equipment and tools used in the industry. With these advanced skills, you'll be able to find more ideal positions with higher salary levels in the future.

香港調酒師入行課程 雞尾酒學校 flair iron gin tonic

Direct Full Time Application

In Hong Kong, many bars are willing to hire "blank slates" - newcomers to the industry with no prior experience, but with a passion for the craft. Typically, becoming a bartender involves starting from entry-level positions such as waiter, junior bartender, or bar back, and gradually gaining experience while working up the ranks. With dedication and hard work, it is possible to progress to the role of a full-fledged bartender.


Book Trilogy, Quick and Easy


Program Date and Time

Plan personal or friend's calendar, choose the course schedule of this period or consider private Booking

Contact us to make an appointment

Call 34833811 or

61085678 Inquire about any related​question, make an appointment date and time.

Process payment and confirmation

Pay by bank transfer, FPS or PayMeThe reservation can be confirmed!

Participants must be over 18 years old

All participants must be aged 18 or above

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