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CMB PRO Bartending Course

CMB: Cocktails, Mixology, Bartending.


Learn the ways of seasoned mixologists. Equip yourself with both traditional and contemporary professional techniques that are much more than memorizing recipes.


Be them classic, innovative or your own original expressions, learn to approach cocktail creations with informed, multi-sensory insights.


For both novices and professionals, our PRO courses are private, hands-on, and will be personally tailored to your skill level and progress.

"Foundation" : designed to kick start a solid groundwork for aspiring mixologists and bartenders. 

香港調酒師課程 專業雞尾酒學校 flair iron


6 lessons, a total of 9 hours. $5700

Learn the fundamentals of mixology by getting thoroughly involved, from start to finish, inside our professionally equipped bar.


Through this hands-on course with 12 classic cocktails, you will learn:

✓ What makes a cocktail great

✓ Contemporary approaches VS Old School

✓ How to choose one ingredient over another

✓ When to use which technique(s)


And much more!

"Professional Exploration" : in-depth themed classes, suitable for experienced individuals to customise their learning experience.


Booking Trilogy for Easy and Convenient Enrollment


Planning your
Date and Time

Plan personal or friend's calendar, choose the course schedule of this period or consider private Booking

Contact for  confirmation

Payment by bank transfer, FPS or PayMe or credit cardThe reservation can be confirmed!

Settle Payment

After receiving the payment, we'll confirm with you via Whatsapp!

Participants must be over 18 years old

All participants must be aged 18 or above

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