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cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 配方recipes

FLAIR IRON ONLINE CLASS Gift set online teachingbartending set

Thank you for joining us! You may find following items in the gift set

Thank you for participating, and let me introduce the items in the set!

BARTENDING TOOLS bartending tools

1. Shaker

2. Jigger measuring cup

3. Ice Tong

4. Spoon

5. Ice Mold ice mold


1. Bombay Gin Mini 40% Sapphire Gin

2. Martini Rosso 15% Red Martini Sweet Viajo

3. Lemon Juice

4. Dried Green Apple

5. Super Lemon Candy

6. Snack

7. Blue Curacao Syrup

8. Bacardi Rum Mini 40% Bacardi Rum

GLASSWARE wine glass

1. Cocktail glass 

2. Shot glass bullet glass

1/ Clean all the tools & glassware
2/ Use the ice mold & prepare well ice cube before workshop
Remember to prepare the following!
1/ Wash your tools and glasses
2/ Use ice molds to make good ice particles

flair iron wfh cocktail.png

Ready to go! You can find our drinks recipes as below

Old Hong Kong Street

40ml Bombay Sapphire Gin

10ml Lemon Juice

20ml Martini Rosso

40ml Pineapple Juice

1. Put all the ingredients into shaker tin

2. Taste & adjust sweet & sour balance

3. Fill up full of shaker with ice

4. Shaker 12-15 seconds

5. Strain into Cocktail glass

6. Garnish with dried green apple & waffle paper

7. Let's toast & taste together!

cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 配方recipes
cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 配方recipes

The second drink is the shot!

Super Shot

10ml Pineapple juice

3-4 dashed Blue Curacao syrup

10ml Bacardi Blanca Rum

1pcs Super Lemon Candy

1. Pour pineapple juice into the shot glass

2. Next one is blue curacao syrup, pour gently 

3. Use the bar spoon for float the rum on top

4. It's ready to serve!

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