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Toddy Negroni

Ingredients 材料

45 ml Gin 氈酒/琴酒

5 ml Campari 金巴利苦酒

20 ml Sweet vermouth 紅苦艾酒

5 ml Honey 蜜糖

2 dash Chocolate Bitters 朱古力苦精

40 ml Hot water 熱水

Garnish 裝飾

Orange or grapefruit twist 橙皮或西柚

Tools 工具

Jigger 量杯 , Bar spoon 吧羹

Glassware 酒杯

Brandy snifter or a mug 白蘭地杯或熱飲杯

Steps 步驟

❶ Measure and pour in Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin.


❷ Slowly pour in hot water.


❸ Stir in honey and bitters.


❹ Express orange or grapefruit twist.


❺ Cozy up and enjoy. 完成!

It's a Toddy, but a Negroni.

It's a Negroni, but a Toddy.

If you haven't tried the steamy version of this classic cocktail, you're missing out. The steam & warm liquids brings out aromas and flavours in ways that a chilled cocktail cannot.

But hot temperature can also make a drink taste harsh, so I use noticeably less Campari & add a bit of honey to soften.

A boozy dark chocolate covered orange that's perfect for a cold evening.



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