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Screwdriver 螺絲批/螺絲起子

Screwdriver made with fresh orange juice has a bright acidity & sweetness.

Ingredients 材料

120ml Orange Juice 橙汁

Fresh Lemon Juice to taste 檸少許 (以較對甜酸度)

Garnish 裝飾

Orange peel (optional) 橙皮 (選用)

Tools 工具

Jigger 量杯

Bar spoon 吧羹

Glassware 酒杯

Steps 步驟

❶ Add orange juice to glass & taste for sweetness.

加入橙汁,試味 (甜酸)

❷ Add lemon juice to balance, if needed.


❸ Add vodka & ice. Stir for 3 seconds.


❹ If using, twist the orange peel above the drink to express oil, then use as garnish.


Enjoy! This simple mixer cocktail, when made with fresh orange juice, has a bright acidity & sweetness that's especially perfect as a midsummer drink. However, you aren't doomed if using bottled juice -- fresh lemon to the rescue! It adds brightness & a tangy bite to most otherwise flat and overly sweet store-bought juices. Oil expressed from orange peel adds freshness but is entirely optional.




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