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Whether you opt for Straight Rye for that spicy bite or bourbon for a more rounded mouthfeel, this elegant cocktail is simple on paper but with complexity in every sip. Like any cocktails with just a few ingredients which means nowhere to hide, top-shelf stuff isn't necessary but quality stuff is.


50 ml Straight Rye or bourbon whiskey

20 ml Sweet vermouth

1 dash Aromatic bitters


Cherry or orange twist


Jigger, bar spoon, mixing glass, strainer

Serve in a Coupe glass.

❶ Chill the glass.

❷ In a mixing glass, measure and pour in whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters.

❸ Add ice and stir desired temperature and dilution (Mine is 30 seconds).

❹ Strain and pour into the chilled glass.

❺ Optional: twist orange peel to express oil.

❻ Garnish and enjoy!


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