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如何照顧你的Flavour Blaster / How to look after your Flavour Blaster

保持您的 Flavor Blaster 正確使用

我們這些開車的人每年都會定期保養我們的汽車。 汽車是複雜的機器。 您的 Flavor Blaster 槍也是如此。 如果您遵循這些簡單的維修步驟,它將持續更長時間並更好地工作。

Keep your Flavour Blaster Fit for Purpose with an Occasional MOT

Every year those of us that drive take our cars for a regular service. Cars are complicated machines. So is your Flavour Blaster gun. It will last longer and work better if you follow these simple servicing steps.


我們有一個很好的視頻。如何正確地給煙油罐添加精油,而且我們還寫了一篇關於它的博客文章。 這是我們名單上的第一名,因為它對於運行您的 Flavor Blaster 並從我們的香氣系列中獲得您想要的香味非常重要。

  • Prime your tank properly.

Not only do we have an excellent video explaining why you should prime your tank and how to do it properly, but we wrote a blog post about it too. This is number one on our list because it is vital to running your Flavour Blaster and getting the scent you desire from our aroma collection.


在兩到三週之間,您的綿芯將開始失去散發香氣的能力。 此時,您需要從 Flavor Blaster 中取出煙油罐並取出舊綿芯,然後安裝一個新綿芯。 別擔心; 我們還有一個關於如何做到這一點的視頻!

  • Change your coils.

Between two-to-three weeks, your coil will start to lose its ability to give off an aroma. At this point, you'll need to remove the aroma tank from your Flavour Blaster and take the old coil out, then fit a new one. Don't worry; we also have a video on how to do this!

在服務期間保持 Flavor Blaster 工作區清晰有序。

Flavor Blaster 需要直立存放,遠離繁忙的服務站。 每次使用後清潔並擦乾噴嘴。 如果噴槍保持向後傾斜,水或泡泡水可能會進入噴槍的機械部件或損壞風扇。

您還需要保持充電端口沒有碎屑,以便電氣組件可以正確連接。 不使用噴槍時取下煙油罐,這樣綿芯可以適當冷卻並保持跟接觸面分開,以免芳香劑混合在一起。 我們在網站上提供了一些產品,可以幫助您在輪班時明智地存放 Flavor Blaster。

  • Keep your Flavour Blaster workspace clear and organised during service.

The Flavour Blaster needs to be stored out of the way of a busy service station in an upright position. Clean and dry your nozzle after every use. If the gun is kept tilted back on the hilt, water or Bubble X may enter the mechanical parts of the gun or damage the fan.

You also need to keep the charge port clear of debris so that the electrical components can connect correctly. Remove the aroma tank when you're not using the gun, so the coil can properly cool down and keep your aroma coils separate so that the aromatics don't get mixed up. We have products available on the website that can help you store the Flavour Blaster sensibly on shift.

您的 Flavor Blaster 只能使用經批准的產品。

儘管試驗成分很誘人,但我們所有的輔助產品在發布之前都經過仔細測試。 我們只是不知道未經批准的產品將如何與我們的技術相互作用。 請不要使用任何物理芳香產品,如鮮花或草藥,因為它們會損壞您的煙油罐。 如果您在煙油罐中使用未經批准的精油,則存在著火風險,並且有損壞設備的風險。

  • Only use approved products with your Flavour Blaster.

As tempting as it is to experiment with ingredients, all of our ancillary products are tested carefully before releasing them. We just don't know how non approved products will interact with our technology. Please don't use any physical aroma products like flowers or herbs, as they will damage your aroma tank. There is a fire risk if you use anything other than approved aromas in the aroma tanks, as well as a risk of breaking your equipment.

不要掉落或損壞 Flavor Blaster 槍。

儘管我們採用了耐用的塑料和金屬外殼,但 Flavor Blaster 的內部機械部件很精緻。 如果噴槍跌落或處理不當,電池、電路板、風扇和照明部件很容易損壞。

  • Don't drop or damage the Flavour Blaster gun.

Despite our durable plastic and metal outer casing, the inner mechanical parts of the Flavour Blaster are delicate. Batteries, circuit boards, fans and lighting parts are easily damaged if the gun is dropped or mishandled.

一旦達到 10% 的電量,請充電!

只能使用 Micro Mag USB 充電線和 CE 和 UL 認證的壁式充電器為電池充電。 槍內內置有過充電防止功能,但最好在充滿電後拔下 Flavor Blaster。 如果您認為電池可能以任何方式損壞,請不要對其充電。 請參閱我們的用戶手冊以獲取更多說明,或者如果您認為存在其他問題,請聯繫我們。

  • Once it gets to 10% battery, charge it!

Only charge your battery using a Micro Mag USB charging cable with a CE and UL-certified wall charger. There is overcharge prevention inbuilt within the gun, but it's best to unplug your Flavour Blaster when it's fully charged anyway. If you think the battery might be damaged in any way, don't charge it. See our user manual for further directions, or contact us if you believe there is a unique problem.

將您的 Flavor Blaster 存放在遠離極端溫度的地方

零度以下的任何東西都會阻止您的 Flavor Blaster 工作。 儘管手冊中規定了關閉 Flavor Blaster 時的最高溫度(200 華氏度,93 攝氏度),但當電池、燈、綿芯和煙油罐持續使用時,它們會因能量消耗而變熱 . 這是一個難以控制的變量,因此如果您希望它以最佳方式工作,請將 Flavor Blaster 槍放在室溫區域,而不是放在熱冰箱風扇的頂部。

  • Store your Flavour Blaster away from extreme temperatures

Anything under zero degrees will prevent your Flavour Blaster from working. Despite the maximum temperature stated (200 degrees Fahrenheit, 93 degrees celsius) in the manual for when the Flavour Blaster is turned off, when the battery, lights, coil and tank are in constant use, they will get hot to touch from the energy expenditure. This is a hard variable to control, so keep the Flavour Blaster gun in a room temperature area, rather than on top of a hot fridge fan, if you want it to work optimally.


由於 Flavor Blaster 的電氣部件不防水,因此僅將噴嘴末端浸入 泡泡水中,而不是將整個噴嘴浸入水中。 同樣,讓噴槍遠離蒸汽玻璃墊圈或工作水槽,以防止任何與水有關的損壞。

  • Keep it away from water.

Only dip the end of the nozzle in the Bubble X mixture rather than submerging the entire nozzle because the electrical parts of the Flavour Blaster are not water-resistant. Likewise, keep the gun away from steamy glass washers or working sinks to prevent any water-related damage.


在運輸過程中,使用我們的活動飛行旅行箱可以毫不費力地防止第 5 點中概述的損壞。 確保您遵守國際旅行或運輸規則,攜帶兩塊完整的鋰離子電池。

  • Use a protective case when travelling.

In transit, it's effortless to prevent damage outlined in point five by using our event flight travelling case. Make sure you follow international rules for travelling or shipping with two integral lithium-ion batteries.

不使用 Flavor Blaster 時,請關閉電源並取下煙油罐。

Flavor Blaster 具有多種內置安全功能。 例如,如果使用超過 8 秒,風扇將自動關閉。 如果電壓過高,過充保護監視器將自動關閉電池。 還有一個短路保護功能,這將阻止設備在不安全的條件下工作。 儘管如此,我們還是建議如果您不在場,請將設備關閉,一旦關閉,請將其存放在兒童或喝醉酒的人接觸不到的地方!

  • Turn off the power and remove the tank when you're not using the Flavour Blaster.

The Flavour Blaster has several safety features inbuilt. For example, the fan will automatically turn off if in use for over eight seconds. The overcharge protection monitor will automatically turn off the batty if the voltage gets too high. There is a short circuit protection feature, too, which will stop the unit from working in unsafe conditions. Despite all this, we do suggest leaving the device turned off if you're not in attendance and once it's powered off, then store it well out of the reach of children or very drunk people!

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