French Martini 法式馬天尼

Ingredients 材料

45 ml Vodka 伏特加

40 ml Pineapple juice 菠蘿汁

15 ml Chambord 莓果干邑甜酒

(pronounced 讀音: sham-boar)

5-10 ml Fresh lemon juice 檸檬

Gin-based twist 氈酒變奏版

30 ml Gin 氈酒/琴酒

35 ml Pineapple juice 菠蘿汁

20 ml Dry vermouth

15 ml Chambord 莓果干邑甜酒

5-10 ml Fresh lemon juice 檸檬

Garnish 裝飾

Fresh raspberries 紅桑子

Tools 工具

Jigger 量杯 , Bar spoon 吧羹

Shaker 搖酒器 , Fine Strainer 隔冰網

Glassware 酒杯

Coupe or martini 碟形香檳馬天尼

❶ Chill the glass and prepare garnish.


In a shaker add all ingredients; taste & adjust sweet/sour.


❸ Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for about 12 seconds.


❹ Double strain into the chilled glass.


❺ Garnish & serve. Enjoy!


Chambord is a cognac-based black raspberry liqueur from France. French Martini, hence the name, is a fruit focused cocktail with a slightly sweeter flavour profile. I love Chambord but creme de cassis, a black currant liqueur, is another popular choice in place of Chambord for a drier drink.

Pineapple juice is what gives the drink that lovely, velvety froth, if shaken vigorously enough.

As with many vodka-based cocktails, you can substitute with gin for more complexity and fragrance. I'm also a huge fan of adding vermouth to amp up the complexity.


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