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Sweet, bitter and herbal, the classic version of this Italian aperitif cocktail calls for equal parts of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.

Your mileage may vary, but I use a tad more London Dry gin to feature the juniper and less Campari bring forth the aromatics in vermouth.

Sometimes I lace the drink with a bar spoon of a really fragrant gin like Nordes for that hint of floral notes.


55 ml Gin

10 ml Campari

30 ml Sweet vermouth

(Optional) 5 ml Nordes Gin


Orange twist


Jigger, bar spoon, mixing glass, strainer

Serve in an Old Fashioned glass.

❶ Chill the glass.

❷ In a mixing glass, measure and pour in Campari, sweet vermouth and gin.

❸ Add ice and stir to just shy of full dilution.

❹ Strain and pour into the chilled glass with a large block of ice.

❺ Over the drink, twist orange peel to express oil.

❻ Garnish and enjoy!

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