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ONLINE bartending workshop
Specially designed for Work From Home colleagues, so that everyone can sit at home and enjoy cocktailsHAPPY HOUR of time together!

cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 zoom online

Make an appointment, happy hour!

Let all WFH colleagues bring a relaxing and fun experience! Make your own cocktails! An online drinking party!



Optional time and date, flexible arrangement of the number of people, reservation four-part

Participants must be over 18 years old

All participants must be aged 18 or above


Plan the date and time and inform us to arrange for you


​ Determine the number of people and select the tool material style


​ arrange delivery process



​ Arrange Online Class
(Zoom, WebEx or other platforms can also be arranged)

Bartending Tools Set

Two bartending suits to choose from, for you to keep having fun

Order over 15 set (Free delivery to office)

Order more than 15 sets and send it to your company for free distribution

Direct delivery to Colleague's Home +$80/order

It can be arranged to be delivered directly to the home of colleagues + $80 per set

cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 zoom online
cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 zoom online

Introduce the use of bartending tools, the amount of ingredients, demonstration production, easy interaction and interesting sharing. Online Class 60-75min hosted by two most experienced Cocktail Workshop + Youtube live bartenders

Online Class Instructor and live streaming fee

Start the meeting by the client platform id:$1000or

To start a meeting with a Flair Iron Zoom id:$2000

If you need an all-English tutor to explain:+$600

​ what is the cocktail? can for us

​ Company tailor made?

Two types are specially designed for Online Cocktail Workshop - Old Hong Kong Street and Super Shot. They are exquisite and simple, perfect for beginners to prepare professional flavors. We can also design tailor made according to your request, you can discuss with our bartender.
cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 zoom online
cocktails workshop hong kong 香港調酒工作坊 雞尾酒 zoom online contact
FLAIR IRON Professional Services Inquiry
You are welcome to use WhatsApp, phone, ​email to inquire about the service of Hong Kong bartending studio FLAIR IRON, so that we can better understand your needs, provide you with instant answers and provide relevant suggestions and quotations.
Tel: +852 34833811 / +852 61085678
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