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Advanced Application of FLAIR IRON Fancy Bartending Course Level 2

In the training course, the trainees will learn all the fancy movements and combined movements designed by FLAIR IRON Level 2 and the Orange Level recognized by the World Fancy Bartending Association, and pass the progress record test, and then they will be awarded the FLAIR IRON Orange Badge and enter the next stage level.The test is assessed by the instructor as a confirmation of the trainee's professional skills.


Class mode: The coach demonstrates and guides the practice

Class date: Students decide

Time per lesson: 45 minutes

Coach: Edmund Yip 



1 to 1 learning-  HKD309 for each lesson (HKD1236 for four lessons)

*15% off the next month’s tuition fee for cash prepayment

  (that is, four lessons at HKD1050 per month)

Remarks: Pay at least four tuition fees per month

do you know?

We organize the Hong Kong Fancy Bartending N1 League, aiming to allow students to exchange skills with each other, build confidence and accumulate experience. Many students have represented Hong Kong in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively to Taiwan, South Korea and China to participate in the World Competition, competing with players from Europe, America and other countries!



-Arm Stall


- Reverse Swipe

-Flat To Front

-Snatch To Back

-Roll To Switch

- Neck Pour

- Tin Release

-Reverse Nest

-Roll To Pour


-Over To Stall 

-Back To Front Nest

-Finger/Thumb Rolls

- 900 To Reverse Grab

-Helicopter On Tin

- 540 To Pour

- 2 Bottle Flashes

- 2 Bottle Multiplexes

- Multiplex Nest

- Flick To Tap

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